LexTrado awarded on international stage as Exterro Service Partner of the Year 2021

Johannesburg, 17 September 2021- South African based and independent Litigation Support firm, LexTrado EDS, was announced as the first recipient of the Services Partner of the Year Award at inFusion 2021 International Partner Awards.

In an effort to recognise and celebrate their partners, Exterro the globally recognised Legal Governance, Risk and Compliance software company, introduced the International Partner Awards on 15 September 2021 in conjunction with the annual  inFusion conference.

“The LexTrado team has been a long standing partner and have very deep expertise and experience around our Lab, Enterprise and E-Discovery solutions. These can be complex solutions to deploy properly but we consider LexTrado a safe pair of hands. We at Exterro sleep better in the knowledge that our African business sits with such a skilled and responsive team,” said Exterro leadership at the virtual awards ceremony.   

E-discovery is becoming more important in the context of civil litigation and represents a substantial portion of the litigation process, both Internationally and also in South Africa. Not only is electronic document review platforms essential in all legal and forensic matters to efficiently and cost effectively work through huge data volumes during large scale investigations, but companies that fail to produce or review electronic data in a timely or appropriate manner face the risk of paying hefty fees in sanctions and fines, reputational damage, loss of revenue or simply losing their cases.

“We appreciate the recognition and applaud the commitment and support we receive from this leading global eDiscovery, security and DFIR firm. Exterro’s dedication to a developing region such as Africa and the global potential that we hold, adds to our value adding service offering,” said Prof. Danny Myburgh, Managing Director at LexTrado and Cyanre.

LexTrado and its affiliated company, Cyanre the Digital Forensics Lab, are recognised as some of the first independent firms in Africa to provide litigation support and eDiscovery services to local and international corporations and leading law firms. By anticipating client needs and working with internationally recognised solutions, the team can provide an exceptionally high standard and international level of expertise.

“International recognition of the exceptional experience, qualifications and service delivery of our team, coupled with our competitive rates  we offer global clients, positions us  ideally to become a global service provider to firms looking at improving their service delivery while reducing their costs,” continued Myburgh.

“Over the past 11 years we have encountered people who believed that they should give a higher regard to international skills as they don’t recognise our own locally developed South African expertise as equal or even better than our international counterparts.  This is a perception that we trust will change when international awards such as this one, is awarded to local firms as we contribute towards proving that South Africa can be and is a beacon of excellence in the world.” concluded Myburgh.