Digital Data Services

Data vault

Data Vault

Our data vault services provide the client with the facility to host or store and exchange data in our secure and independent data vault. This facility allows for the uploading and downloading of large datasets from any location in the world. The storage and exchange of the data is left to be managed by the client with Lextrado providing the security, backup and access control to the system.

The system is typically used where the client needs a secure facility where they can exchange information with their own client or team members which is typically too large to exchange through the normal networks. And secondly allows the client to have an offsite storage facility similar to “Dropbox” with the distinction that the client has complete control over who has access to the data and knows exactly where data is stored and who is responsible to manage the data.

Digital Escrow

LexTrado digital escrow services provides for clients to upload data which forms part of an Escrow Agreement between parties into our secure storage and hosting centre. The uploading of data, accessing of the data and any changes and the ability to download the data is strictly controlled in accordance with the agreement between the parties.

The unique service differentiator of LexTrado in this regard is that we are able to extract the digital fingerprint of all data uploaded to the system and subsequently added data, which ensures that the integrity and originality of all data or documents can be validated to International Standards. This service can be whitewashed and provided to your client as an additional service your firm offers.


Dedicated Hosting

LexTrado’s secure hosting facility is available for clients to store their servers in a secure environment or for Lextrado to host their services on our virtual server network as operational systems or a redundancy system or automatic back-up.

his service is also provided in liquidation matters as well as in Business Rescue proceedings where LexTrado is able to collect all the server and desktop information of the insolvent / or party under administration and host it for the liquidation or rescue agent as well as authorised creditors to wind up their financials.

Once an organisation is under liquidation or even business rescue, it often occurs that the IT administration staff is laid off and external ICT service provider accounts are suspended. This could lead to the ICT infrastructure being at risk since no back-ups are maintained, external security measures are neglected and it is difficult later to quantify who made what changes (in the event of data integrity disputes arise).

We relieve the burden of the liquidator or agent to ensure the stability or integrity of the ICT network and information extracted from the system. Since the relevant data and systems is transferred to our infrastructure, it releases assets to the organisation which can be sold.

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Digital Case Management System

In many instances, law firms as well as investigation firms are required to investigate or analyse large quantities of documents or digital evidence. Many firms does not permit hosting of external client data on their internal systems for obvious reasons such as independence, security breeches, contamination, reliability etc. Some firms do not have the capability to process or host such large quantities of data.

LexTrado’s DCMS allows clients to host this data for the duration of their project and our high speed scanning facility allows for expedient back record conversion of manual documents into searchable digital format.

We are also able to migrate digital information in various formats such as documents, excel, PDF files, and diverse email formats into the system so that clients are able to review this wide range and often conflicting data formats in our external platform.

After the original intake of the data or documents our platform permits the client to directly upload, source and sort documents on the system via scanning directly into their case/ matter project or emailing the documents into the platform. Since the system agent integrates with the local explorer it also permits a copy of the data directly into your case.

The system can also be used to archive all email between the project and investigation team relevant to each matter as well as allowing for email alerts and notification from team leaders to team members. The system permits clients to organise documents to their preference which facilitates using the system as an electronic docket or personalised case filing system. Data added to the system in any format is indexed which permits the client to search through large quantities of data efficiently and accurately. The system permits the user to lock documents and prevent changes or deletion of documents. A permission based functionality could ensure that only certain persons are authorised to amend or delete data. In these instances, version control is applied and all changes made can be tracked or recorded against individual users. The access to the system is facilitated via a secure online porthole which allows for secure access of data internationally. Information between parties can also easily be exchanged on the system since individuals can be given access only to certain portions of the data.

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digital case management
Virtual Data Room

Virtual Data Rooms

This online storage platform allows us to securely host sensitive data for projects, offsite, without the risk of internal discovery, unauthorised access or breach of confidentiality.

Consulting & Data Processing

Due to our understanding of the IT environment and the legal requirements relevant thereto, regarding the exchange of data between parties we are able to assist the client with an independent oversight or managing their legal hold, data hosting or data exchange requirements. This includes the identification of relevant data sources, accurate location of relevant information on vast and distributed networks and for collecting the relevant identified data, as well as the secure and independent retention of collected data.

Our forensic systems permit the accurate culling of data by conducting keyword searches, date ranges, de-duplication or removal of non-relevant information.

If information must be transferred between parties LexTrado can generate load files for virtually all known E Discovery or Exchange platforms. We have independent filter teams that can assist clients with entry level relevant/ non-relevant classifications of documents to minimise the workload of legal teams, thereby drastically reducing the cost of the E Discovery project.

We also supply the client with court support services to facilitate the mutual access to data sets by all parties in a hearing and are able to testify as independent experts regarding the process followed in the identification of the collected data.

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If you are involved in a complex enquiry, integrated legal notes or being overwhelmed by your own business document, we can convert large quantities of paper documents into usable electronic data. We scan all type of documents and character recognise (OCR) so that you can effortlessly search and manage information in a usable database.

LexTrado will transfer your paper document into any electronic file format as per your requirements.

We use high resolution, high speed scanners which can be deployed to your business premises or at our facility. Documents can be electronically indexed to a rate of near perfect accuracy for data searches.

Our team of experienced data captures can also create an index of all scanned data.

We can supply you with an electronic copy of the data which can be ingested into your internal ICT system or we can host it for you in our secure data hosting centre, which allow secure access to your data on a 24/7 basis from any location globally.

Our aim is to provide you with the ability to access your critical business information to effectively review and manage information.

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