About LexTrado

LexTrado is an independent litigation support firm which does exactly as the name implies – “Legal Exchange”. We assist clients in conducting electronic discovery projects more effectively and provide a platform for the secure and confidential exchange of information during judicial and forensic matters. The primary function of LexTrado is to process data which is received in accordance with instruction and present case related findings in an efficient and effective manner for legal/forensic review.

E-discovery is becoming much more important in the context of civil litigation. E-discovery today represents a substantial portion of the litigation process, and companies that fail to produce electronic data in a timely or appropriate manner face the risk of paying millions of rand in sanctions and fines, not to mention loss of corporate reputation, lost of revenue and embarrassment.


Our objective of is to obtain information, information that is stored electronically, including e-mail, instant messages, word processing files, spread sheets and other electronic content that may be stored on desktops, laptops, file servers, mainframes, smartphones, employees’ home computers or on a variety of other platforms, which will be useful in developing relevant information for pre-trial motions and for the trial itself