E-Discovery Overview

LexTrado is an industry leader in identification, collection,
preservation, processing, review, reporting, and
disclosure of electronic data in regulatory, civil and
criminal environments.

LexTrado Advantages

Lextrado delivers improved services to clients by
freeing attorneys and staff for higher-value activities,
while providing improved control over e-discovery
through snapshot reviews and automated audit trails.

The LexTrado difference

LexTrado has, after careful evaluation, selected a
number of international software platforms which, in
combination, provides a cost effective solution to
common e-discovery procedural challenges.

LexTrado is an independent firm specialising in e-discovery services, hosting of sensitive data in encrypted and highly secure environment, hosting of ICT systems for companies in business rescue or under liquidation for financial wind-up and digital escrow services. Having more than 10 years’ experience in the Computer forensic field and identifying various additional services that support the legal processes involved in various areas of litigation, a need was identified to incorporate Lextrado EDS (Pty)Ltd to follow international trends in litigation where electronic data is concerned. Due to the increase in data used by individuals and companies alike, communication mainly by way of e mail and constant innovation in the IT field, litigants require more than just standard IT support.

E-discovery is becoming much more important in the context of civil litigation. E-discovery today represents a substantial portion of the litigation process, and companies that fail to produce electronic data in a timely or appropriate manner face the risk of paying millions of rand in sanctions and fines, not to mention loss of corporate reputation, lost of revenue and embarrassment.

LexTrado is an independent data processing and hosting centre which does exactly as the name implies – “Legal Exchange”. We assist clients in conducting electronic discovery projects more effectively and provide a platform for the secure and confidential exchange of information during judicial matters. The primary function of Lextrado is to process data which is received in accordance with instruction and present case related findings in an efficient and effective manner for legal review. Our services include: E Discovery, Scanning and OCR’ing of data, Secure Data Hosting, and Escrow Services.

Secure Hosting

Our server hosting system allows us to host the complete server environments of companies that are in business rescue or liquidation in order to assist liquidators or business rescue agents to finalise the affairs of the firm on reliable business data, without the risk of interference or server failure.

Digital Case Management

Our digital case management services are the hosting of data for clients in our fully indexed platform. This platform allows you to search for potential evidence without having to read through millions of files from any location worldwide.

Digital Escrow

Our digital escrow services ensure secure hosting of data or sensitive information subject to an escrow agreement. Our online collaboration room provides a secure, auditable platform for parties involved in sensitive negotiations in relation to inter-alia mergers and acquisitions to conduct date reviews to manage version control and the handover of data.

Virtual Data Rooms

This online storage platform allows us to securely host sensitive data for projects, offsite, without the risk of internal discovery, unauthorised access or breach of confidentiality.

Document Conversion

Our document conversion services allow the scanning of paper documents into digital versions that are converted to digital documents (not images) that can be added to a digital database to be indexed and searched.

Data Vault Secure Storage

Our secure data storage vault allows for the storage and exchange of data. This service works similar to Dropbox or WeTransfer however it ensures that data is completely secure and will always be within the jurisdiction of South Africa.


Infographic – Big Data & E-Discovery

As our digital world grows, so does the volume of data that we have to process. This infographic looks at the Big Data issue and how E-Discovery can assist.

Infographic – How does E-Discovery Work?

This infographic explains the E-Discovery process

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