What is in store for technology and the law in 2019 for Africa?

  At the beginning of each year we all think about what we would wish to achieve in the coming year and/or what we hope for. Here in SA our list of hopes, wishes and aspirations revolves around technology and the legal profession. Simply, we at LexTrado, want more people using eDiscovery technology. However, it […]

Why choosing the right E-Discovery Service Provider is critical

  Waseema Harrison Head of Litigation Support Services LexTrado EDS Why choosing the right eDiscovery Service Provider is critical Here in South Africa, as data volumes are beginning to grow, law firms and their clients are realising that the greatest cost of a case is document review. The pressure to find solutions and people to […]

Harnessing the power of technology in Competition Law cases

The client often becomes aware of a competition enquiry with a “dawn raid” on the client’s premises or a Request for information. Thereafter, the manner in which the client deals with the Commission and, in particular, responds to their usually stringent and demanding deadlines, goes a long way towards the most successful outcome for the […]

CEDS Spotlight – South Africa

Ilse Grobler, CEDS Chief Administrative Officer Lextrado EDS Please share your thoughts on the certification training, how long it took you to prepare for the exam, thoughts on the exam and how it has benefitted you- both the knowledge gained from training and certification and being part of the ACEDS community as a whole. (Whole […]

Digitising the paper trail for legal review

Despite the exponential growth of electronic data, paper-based evidence remains vital in many legal matters. While electronic data can be captured and categorised with easily searchable metadata and text for analysis, turning hardcopy documents into similar case resources poses a unique challenge. This is where experienced, professional litigation support providers, like LexTrado, come in. Through [...]

The importance of scoping in E-Discovery

Big data is playing an increasingly important role in contemporary investigations and litigation. The Gupta saga being a prime example.

Leading E-discovery experts join top Litigation Support firm in SA

LexTrado is excited to welcome international E-Discovery expert, Waseema Harrison, to their growing team.

How many documents in terabyte?

Infographic – Big Data & E-Discovery

Big Data is here to stay. As the data volumes rise an ever increasing headache will be caused that will affect in-house counsel and law firms alike.

Infographic – How does E-Discovery Work?